Capricorn Compatibility with Other Signs

Read about Capricorn' compatibility with other signs

Capricorn Compatibility
Capricorn Compatibility with Other Signs

Capricorn compatibility with other signs. Reading your daily horoscopes or monthly horoscopes is useful because these horoscopes serve as your guides for day, thus, you will know what to expect or how to behave for the day. When it comes to your relationship as a Capricorn, you should also read you zodiac sign compatibility. This will give you an idea on what kind of relationship you will be having with the different zodiac signs of the astrology.  After reading this compatibility guide, you should be able to know what sign you are best compatible with, others signs that you are compatible, what sign you are worst compatible with, and other horoscope 2011 that are you are not compatible with.

Capricorn compatibility with Taurus

The Capricorn and the Taurus couple have a mutual understanding with regards to their personalities. They both value and love money, and that makes them go well with each other. They both want to live comfortably and so their love for money is very strong. With this, they are both working hard to earn money and recognition as much as they can. They want to buy a beautiful house, a luxurious car, and anything that money can buy, because it is in this way that they will feel secure and safe.

They also have personal complementing character traits that keep their relationship healthy. For one, the Capricorn is a hard working person and is willing to work for the good of their relationship. The Taurus, on the other hand, is very patient, and does understand how workaholic the Capricorn is. If they are given a specific responsibility, they both work hard together to accomplish something. Both couples are also very passionate- in sex and in romance. They can do any idea that is related to sex because of their passion. Their relationship is very alive and colourful, not just because of sex, but also because of how they take care of each other. They can even lead to a happy and lifetime marriage.

Capricorn compatibility with Virgo

The Capricorn and the Virgo star signs are also compatible with each other. They both love to stay at home, rather than spending their free time outside. Since they love staying at home, they make it sure that their home is very comfortable and beautiful. They decorated it in such a way that all of their visitors will surely appreciate it. They do not like social gatherings that much and they prefer a small gathering that is attended by close friends and family members only. Both of them are intellectual individuals and they really have a good intellectual connection.

This couple can also succeed in business aside from being a romantic couple. The Virgo has a neat and organized mind that comes along well with the Capricorn’s hardworking and disciplined personality. Both of them take their responsibility seriously, and whatever task they started, they will surely finish it to the end. They can succeed as business partners because the Capricorn is very ambitious and has the desire to reach to the top while the Virgo is the right person to support and help him or her.

However, there may be some conflicts and misunderstanding with their relationship. Their relationship may lack spark, warmth, and emotion because they are too obsessed with their work and responsibilities. But because they really know and understand each other, they can resolve their conflicts and misunderstanding easily.

Capricorn compatibility with Scorpio

A sexual relationship will be formed by the Capricorn and the Scorpio couple. Scorpio is the sign of sex, but the Capricorn’s passionate personality is a match to the Scorpio. This couple can make a good team, although they are aware that their relationship will not be smooth. They are dedicated, hard-working and determined. So, when it comes to business, they will surely be successful partners. Scorpio has several inventive ideas that are applicable to business, and they can apply this together. Their love for each other can make their relationship last for a lifetime for as long as they will work together.

Both of them have strong wills, but there is a tendency that the Scorpio will dominate or rule their relationship. This can create clashes within their relationship. There is a possibility that they can be enemies if they do not know how to control their anger. It is a little bit difficult to solve their conflicts because of their personality. To make their relationship successful, the Capricorn must understand that Scorpio is dominating him or her because of his or her love.

Capricorn compatibility with Pisces

The Capricorn and the Pisces horoscopes have complementing character traits that make them compatible with each other. The Pisces has a tendency to cheat on the Capricorn because it is in their nature to cheat, but the Capricorn can tolerate it, and will lead Pisces in their relationship instead. The Pisces will then take the lead of the Capricorn, thus relationship will be better. The Capricorn has the ability to calm the windy and the drifty mind of the Pisces, while the Pisces loves to appreciate the Capricorn characteristics. And, Capricorn really loves to be praised and appreciated.

Their relationship can last as long as they continuously appreciate and show their affection towards each other. If the Capricorn does not hear any compliments and praises from the Pisces, he or she may not feel good about it. It is then important for them to constantly show their affection for each other for their relationship to succeed.

Capricorn compatibility with Capricorn

The Capricorn and Capricorn couple are variable couples. They can be successful couples, or they can be the deadliest enemies according to how they manage their relationship. They are both conservative, and they are very cautious about their steps and approaches to life. If they have a common goal, they will be great partners and they will succeed until the end. Succeeding is not a problem for them because of their determination and hard-working nature.

However, when one of them gets selfish, their relationship can be turned into a total mess. They can be the worst enemies if a serious misunderstanding occurs between them. If one of them succeeds while the other is left behind, there will surely be a clash between them, because they do not want each other to be ahead of them. They want to be successful or not successful together.

Even if they have similar personal traits, it does not mean that they will be very compatible with each other. Their romantic relationship will be lacking of sparks and affection unless one of them tries to cross the line and work harder. If they really want their relationship to work, then one of them must lie low and change this personal attitude a little bit.

Capricorn compatibility with Cancer

The Capricorn and the Cancer are opposite signs on the astrology. Thus, they can be good partners, or worst enemies. If they will communicate well with each other, their relationship will fully succeed. Thus, they must learn how to express well their feelings for each other. In their relationship, the Cancer gets hurt a lot because he or she wants an emotional affection from the Capricorn. The Capricorn, on the other hand, lacks warmth, loving care, and emotional attachment. They are both competitive, so like other couples, they can achieve success easily.

There will be problems within their relationship if the sensitive Cancer does not learn how to protect his or her feelings well. He or she must understand that the Capricorn lacks affection. They must talk about their feelings together, and they must understand each other’s weaknesses and opposite qualities. Both of them want each other’s love so it is not difficult for their relationship to grow as long as they know how to communicate well with each other.

Capricorn compatibility with Aquarius

There is a little chance that the relationship between the Capricorn and the Aquarius will succeed because of their nature. Their relationship will be exposed to sudden changes of attitudes, and moods, and this may cause a serious misunderstanding between them because they do not know how to understand each other. Capricorn wants to dominate or control his or her partner, but the Aries does not want to be controlled because he or she values his or her personal freedom very much. The Aquarius is a free-will individual and he or she cannot be forever in love with the Capricorn. The Aquarius loves to change from one job to another, but the Capricorn wants a secured life with lots of money for security.

Eventually, the Capricorn and the Aries will realize that their romantic relationship had turned into a good friendship relationship. They do not feel a satisfactory connection as romantic couples, but they find that connection on their friendship. The Aquarius needs a friend that will understand his or her “come and go” personality, and the Capricorn, as a friend, can understand that, but not as a romantic couple.

Capricorn compatibility with Aries

There is no hope that the Capricorn and Aries relationship will succeed. The Aries is a restless individual, while the Capricorn is the opposite. Both of them are dominant and they will be competing forever to dominate and control each other. There will be serious argument and fight as well when it comes to money. The Aries is very extravagant and wants to spend everything in one go while the Capricorn is very thrifty and he or she spends the money wisely for security. While Aries loves to take the risk in every decision that he or she makes, the Capricorn will never take the risk. There will be serious fights because of their opposite attitudes and qualities.

There will also be a clash of principles between these two individuals. The Capricorn is the type that does everything according to the law and the right principle, while the Aries does not really mind about laws and regulations. Any method will work for the Aries for as long as he or she will succeed.

If they will be in a relationship, the role of the Capricorn will be a financial manager who is always taking a hawk eye on the extravagant personality of the Aries. One good thing about them is they are very compatible in bed, because they are both sexually passionate. But when it comes to real romantic relationship, there is no hope that they will succeed.

Capricorn compatibility with Gemini

The greatest hindrance between the Capricorn and the Gemini couple is communication. They do not know how to communicate well, and this could lead to the failure of their relationship. But, they can still be a couple as long as they will know how to express their feelings for each other. However, they still have several opposite character traits that make them incompatible with each other. The Capricorn is steady person and does not want constant changes while the Gemini is very fond of changes.

Also, the Gemini is a flirt in nature, and Capricorn will be having a hard time to control this personality of the Gemini. Capricorn is patient, but there will always come a time that he or she will give up on the flirt Gemini and their relationship can be broken. Since Capricorn is a hard-working individual, he or she may not be paying enough attention to the Gemini, and this gives the Gemini a chance to slip and go out for fun.

Because they are not communicating well and because Capricorn is very hard-working, they do not have the change to know each other’s activity. Thus, it is very possible for them to cheat on each other. And, this could result to the ending of their relationship, once they knew each other’s unfaithful activity.

Capricorn compatibility with Leo

The Capricorn and the Leo may survive a short-term relationship, but they may not be able to survive a long-term one because they cannot stand each other’s personalities. The Leo, will later feel that he or she is being too much controlled by the Capricorn. The Capricorn, on the other hand, will be disgusted or irritated on the extravagant nature of the Leo. Also, Leo wants to live a care-free and full life, while the Capricorn is very cautious and careful about his or her life. With the different kinds of life that they want, it is impossible for them to live together for a long time. They are like summer and winter, and their relationship can lead to ups and downs that will eventually tire them and make them decide to separate.

The Capricorn is not the best partner for the Leo because of he or she does not have an imaginative mind. Even in bed, they do not fit each other because they are not on the same level. The Capricorn is more passionate than the Leo. They are almost opposite in everything, and they will never succeed in a romantic or marriage life. But, there is still a chance that they can be good friends.

Capricorn compatibility with Libra

The Capricorn and the Libra are somewhat attracted with each other’s personality, but they cannot survive a long term relationship unless they have a common goal. Capricorn is sexually attracted to the Libra only, while the Libra is only attracted to the Capricorn’s desire and love for money. However, Capricorn really hates the lazy personality of the Libra. The Libra does not want to work hard and always gives up on any kind of a test. This contrasts the hard-working and determined personality of the Capricorn, so the Capricorn will be really irritated with this Libra’s weakness.

Also, Libra wants everybody’s attention and this can give Capricorn a difficult time because the Capricorn is not a socialite. The Capricorn is only comfortable with the presence of his or her close friends and family members. Another thing that makes them incompatible is the need of Libra for affection and love. The Capricorn is not a demonstrative person and he or she may not be able to show his or her love and affection to the Libra.

Their relationship can work if the Capricorn learns how to express his or her love and affection to the Libra because love and affection are like the food and water to the Libra. They will have the tendency to understand each other’s ambitions because they are both cardinal individuals. As long as they will be able to communicate well with each other, they can succeed and will support each other through thick and thin. But, there is a little chance that they will succeed in a romantic relationship.

Capricorn compatibility with Sagittarius

The relationship between the Capricorn and the Sagittarius horoscope 2011 will not be smooth and fun. They are bounded to face different challenges and difficulties, and it will be difficult for them to solve their problems. The independent and freedom-lover Sagittarius cannot be controlled by the dominant Capricorn and Capricorn will never understand the impossible dreams of the Sagittarius. The Sagittarius seems to be always in search of something, and this bothers the Capricorn. The Capricorn is a very cautious and responsible individual while the Sagittarius is very reckless, irresponsible and careless person. This could lead them to have a battle and clashes of principles.

Their relationship is solely founded on sex. Oftentimes, there is no love involved in a Capricorn and Sagittarius relationship. If only they could use each other’s opposite qualities as a bridge for a stronger relationship, they could be one of the strongest couple. They can succeed in whatever dream or goal that they have for as long as they will work together. However, if they are only going out together because of sex, this will cause them trouble, because this relationship will not last long. They will eventually find their true love, and they will finally decide to take their own path.

Best Compatible Zodiac Sign for Capricorn

The Libra-Capricorn is the best couple out of the other eleven zodiac signs. They have many similar qualities, and they complement each other well. They understand each other’s personalities and they respect each other’s weaknesses. Their relationship is not full of stars and rainbows, because they are also bound to face storms, but they can overcome it easily because they know how to work together. They always support and help each other, thus leading them to success in love, money, and career. They know that they have opposite personal characteristics but they are using these to nurture their relationship. Thus, they can even lead to a successful business and marriage life.

Other Zodiac Signs that are Compatible with Capricorn

Capricorn is also compatible with other astrological signs like Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. The relationship between these couples is not always smooth because they will also face difficulties and challenges, but they can solve it at the end. They have opposite character traits from the Capricorn man or Capricorn woman, and it will lead them to serious arguments and fights sometimes, but they will eventually realize it that they should love and understand each other, instead of fighting each other.

There is also what we called as the variable matches for the Capricorn. They are the Capricorn and Cancer. They can either be a very good couple, or the worst of enemies, depending on how they handle each other’s temperaments and weaknesses. If they will try to work out and understand each other, their relationship can succeed. However, if they kept on becoming stubborn, they will be enemies.

Worst Compatible Zodiac Sign for Capricorn

The worst compatible zodiac sign for the Capricorn is the Aries. They are not the total opposites, but they cannot simply stand each other. Each of them are dominant and they will try to control and dominate each other for the rest of their lives until they will get tired and eventually decide to part ways and live their own life.

Other Zodiac Signs that are Incompatible with Capricorn

Capricorn has a low compatibility with Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. There is still a chance that they will have a successful romantic relationship but they will need to adjust with each other’s personality. They also need some kind of understanding to be able to survive a relationship. Depending on how much they love each other, they can fail or succeed.


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