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Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the symbol of a Lion. People who are born from about July 22nd through August 22nd are under the Leo zodiac sign. Leo is considered a fire sign and is also thought of as a fixed sign which is ruled by the sun. People born under Leo have many interesting personality traits which in common, depending on the situation, can be very positive or very negative. Their sign is ruled by the sun and is at a detriment with Saturn, which can cause them to have very strong traits.

Leos are typically able to have the best relationships with people of the other fire signs, which are Aries and Sagittarius. Other fixed quality signs are also often compatible though to a lesser extent and these include Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. While it is possible for any sign to have a good relationship with a Leo, it is best if they first know and understand the Leo horoscope traits so they know what they are getting into ahead of time. Being able to focus on areas where they complement each other and learning how to react to any negative Leo characteristics is key to ensuring a successful relationship.

Leo traits

The strongest positive Leo horoscope traits are often that they can be very generous and warmhearted, creative, faithful and loving. Leos are a pleasure to be with and can be very caring to those they love. People born under the Leo zodiac sign will most often enjoy lavish living with rich food, pageantry and grandeur. They love living large and doing so with those they love. Leo often wants many children to share their love of life with and they make very loving and faithful spouses as long as you can get past some of their more difficult traits.

Many people born under Leo are seen as pompous and patronizing. They might be called bossy or even interfering due to their dogmatic and intolerant tendencies. Many people born under the Leo zodiac sign are very intelligent and they know it. They have a hard time working with or being in a relationship with someone who is unintelligent or small-minded. Leos can be prone to overspending because they want the nicest things out of life even if it costs a lot of money.

If you are considering getting into a romantic relationship with a Leo, it’s important to note that while they may come off as having a very sunny disposition and self-sacrificing, they can also be overbearing. They are ambitious and strong-willed which makes them want to be constantly moving forward in both their personal and professional lives. If they feel your relationship has hit a plateau, they might be more inclined to just end it and move on than wait it out to see if it improves. Leos can also be very quick-tempered, so when you find they are in a bad mood be careful to avoid confrontation. Unlike people born under other signs, a relationship with a Leo is unlikely to get boring. They will drive the relationship forward by introducing new and exciting things. One potential problem is if you are looking to settle down and relax as your relationship matures, a Leo might not be for you.

Working with a Leo can be a great experience for many people, though it is important to know what you’re getting into ahead of time. The Leo horoscope traits will push them to excel in anything they do and they are not going to be happy unless they are constantly progressing. A Leo is quite likely to work for and expect promotions or other forms of career progression and if they are not getting it, they will quickly move on to a new opportunity. Learning the Leo characteristics can help keep them satisfied professionally by ensuring you are always ready to add on a new responsibility or give them some recognition. While they will want fair monetary compensation for their work, that is not the only way they will be satisfied in their job.

Having a person born under the Leo horoscope working for you can be a great thing, but don’t expect to micromanage them as they often feel they know the best way to complete any task and will not accept criticism well. This is especially true if they believe they are smarter than you, which they often do. If you can give them a project to complete and allow them the flexibility to complete it in the manor which they feel is best it will often turn out well. They are quite able to think outside of the box when needed to come up with new and improved ways to accomplish a task.

Working for a Leo can be a struggle for many people due to their propensity for arrogance and pompous attitude. If they assign you a task and it is completed incorrectly, they may be quick to criticize since they often feel they could have completed the task better themselves. Many people born under the Leo zodiac sign will be micro managers since they believe their way is the best in virtually all situations. The Leo characteristics will help them drive their team forward, though, so if they can avoid burning bridges with their employees, it can be a very productive team to be a part of.

Leo and Relationships

Whether you are contemplating a relationship with a Leo, working with or for a Leo or you are a Leo yourself, it is very important to recognize the Leo horoscope traits and try to work with them rather than against them. Leos have a lot to offer in virtually every part of life and they can be amazing people to work or be with if you’re willing to put in the effort necessary.


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