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Libra is the seventh sign in the astrological zodiac and the scales are the symbol which represents this sign. People are said to be born under the sign of Libra during the dates of approximately September 23rd and October 22nd. Libra officially begins at the moment of the autumnal equinox. The symbol of the scales represents the principle of symmetry and balance which is a Libra horoscope trait which most people under this sign have. Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and it is considered an air sign and one of the four cardinal signs. There are many interesting Libra characteristics which can make any Libra a very great person to get to know either personally, professionally or especially romantically.

Generally, the Libra characteristics are considered to be most compatible with Gemini and Aquarius, which are also air signs. They are somewhat compatible with people under fire signs which are AriesLeo and Sagittarius. This is just a general rule and even among experts it is not the only thing to consider when beginning any sort of relationship. It should, however, be looked at closely so you can identify how best to associate with this person and what steps you can both take to ensure you get along well.

Libra traits

Many people under the Libra zodiac sign will have very similar traits, some of them good and others not so good. Learning about the common traits of a person, or if you are a Libra yourself, learning them for your own day to day living is important. People who have the Libra horoscope are most often going to like being popular and enjoy public service. They will also be very neat, enjoy art and have a keen attention to detail sometimes even to the point of perfectionism. Libras like to plan ahead and be in control of a situation, often to the point of being considered bossy if they are not careful. Their desire to always look good and dress up for any situation may lead them to be seen as narcissist.

Other Libra characteristics may lead them to like to discuss things with other people, they may be excellent debaters and they enjoy intellectual conversations. They enjoy both getting and giving gifts and the attention that comes with it, which can lead them to get into credit card debt if they are not careful. Their desire for admiration from other people will lead them to want to always look great and desire their friends and especially romantic partners to be very attractive.

Anyone under the Libra horoscope will typically want to avoid things such as unwanted noise, confusion and sloppiness. Libras are happy to make decisions, but they do not want to be rushed or pressured to make it quickly as they would rather stop and think it through so they can be sure they arrive at the correct answer the first time.

When entering a romantic relationship with a Libra, get ready to have a good time. Libras will want to get dressed up nice and go out to fancy dinners or parties. Female Libras will often wear the nicest perfumes and the men love cologne. Libras are intensely loving and have a deep desire for companionship which often leads them to marry younger than many of the other signs. Their home life will often be very nice, centered and peaceful. They enjoy having the finer things in life and make their home appear glamorous yet comfortable. The Libra characteristics push them to avoid stressful situations and they want to solve any inter-personal issues in the family before it develops into a serious problem.

When entering a professional or business relationship with a Libra, you have a very good chance at success. They are very good with making business minded decisions and are often able to see business trends well ahead of others. Libra horoscope traits allow them to excel in many different types of businesses, but they will be ideally suited to one which allows them the freedom to make important decisions on a day to day business. Managing a department or region will surely lead that area into a very successful time.

Libra and Relationships

In business or personal relationships, it is important to watch the money around a Libra. They are very willing to spend every dime they earn to get nice things or to accomplish a goal. They have great earning potential but if not reined in by a business or romantic partner, they will rarely have much in savings at all. Libras seem to always believe that there will be enough time and earnings potential in the future to start the savings for a rainy day or retirement, but with the common Libra characteristic of spending, this day may never come without encouragement. As a business professional, a Libra is likely to spend extravagantly on the business during highly profitable years and then have trouble making it through on less profitable years. Having a competent financial manager to help keep the Libra in check is a critical step in ensuring the long term success of any area managed by a Libra.

No matter if you are entering a personal relationship or working with a Libra, it’s important to understand how they are likely to think and act so you can work with their strengths and work to offset their potential weaknesses. Libras can make amazing friends, spouses and businessmen but without proper guidance and balance, it can lead to some financial problems. Libra characteristics will lead them to success in almost any area of life, so don’t hesitate to get involved with someone born under the Libra zodiac sign.


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