Ophiuchus Horoscope Sign traits

Check out everything you want to know about Ophiuchus' personality traits

Ophiuchus Horoscope Sign traits
Ophiuchus Horoscope Sign traits | iSTOCK

If you are considering being in a relationship with someone born under the Ophiuchus horoscope sign, you may be having a relationship with the “Prince William Whales” or “the anti-Christ” of the zodiac signs, based on the stated attributes of this sign.

According to published reports, this zodiac sign lives such a charmed life that these people attract good fortune. Good fortune shines upon this member of the zodiac so that it brings out the haters of the world against them. 

The Snake Bearer, as it is known, is said to have a tendency towards the sciences and the medical professions. This would explain one of its other published traits of someone that seeks a long and peaceful life in the hopes of healing others. 

Ophiuchus traits

Why someone of this caliber attracts so much jealousy and all that they are attempting to do is to live long to minister healing to other fellow humans is a mystery, but stranger things have happened in the course of humankind. This sign could very well be the reason for the accelerated advances in medicine and the sciences in recent times. 

It seems as though medicine and the sciences have been keeping up with technology here of late, and the Ophiuchus zodiac sign may very well be one of the catalysts for this. 

Considering the monumental task that this zodiac sign has ahead of it, to live a long time and to heal the masses, it is a good thing that another one of Ophiuchus traits is that it is brilliant with an almost genius capacity. 

This will come in handy because with the task ahead for the Ophiuchus horoscope sign, and it takes a great deal of intelligence and stamina to deal with living an extraordinarily long time and to heal the masses. Fortunately for this sign of the zodiac, medicine and science may be the very best possible occupation for them to pursue.

The Ophiuchus sign tends to have a healthy disdain for regimen and need to be involved in professional situations in which things are always changing, and new advances are still coming along.

This type of work environment will be able to maintain the attention of the Ophiuchus person and also keep them reaching for higher and better levels of their personal growth and achievement. Unfortunately, this short attention span that Ophiuchus can experience on routine matters of life can also spill over into their relationships.

Ophiuchus and relationships

In the matter of relationships, it’s all about Ophiuchus trying to keep things fresh and exciting, sometimes just for themselves by venturing into other personal encounters rather than sticking to and working on keeping their primary one new and interesting.

So if you are looking to cultivate a relationship with Ophiuchus, do the best that you can to make sure that your particular one has a reasonably mature and well-developed capacity to focus on the things that are important to a “couple” and not to just Ophiuchus.

If you are fortunate to find and align yourself with a mature, focused, devoted version of this zodiac sign, then you have hit the lottery when it comes to being in an emotionally committed love relationship. It would be wise for the Ophiuchus to ensure that they are careful to devote time and energy to their relationship, just as they would their professional one.

A wise Ophiuchus knows and understands that any relationship is what you make it. A successful personal relationship must be built just as a successful professional relationship must be created. The Ophiuchus zodiac sign can be highly susceptible to flattery. Flattery could very well be the Akeley’s heel of the Ophiuchus.

For all of the powerful and significant attributes of this particular zodiac sign, it is incredible that this one small vainglorious trait can so easily be the ruin of such a vibrant sign. There are passages in some religious texts that are worn against people to speak flattering words, and no zodiac sign should take heed to these warnings as much as Ophiuchus.

Tragically, Ophiuchus would live a long and prosperous life, build and cultivate a fabulous career and personal life, only to have everything taken away or spoiled by someone’s flattering words.

Could it be a deep-rooted inferiority complex that would crave the attention and praises of a flattering tongue? Or the hyperactive ego would readily assume that all words from the flattering tongue could only be valid because it is about them. I suppose you would have to take this on a case by case basis, for anyone who finds themself under the Ophiuchus zodiac sign should take heed to this. 

Probably the main saving grace of the Ophiuchus is that they are seekers of wisdom. Historically people to seek after wisdom are people that are pretty proficient at avoiding many of the pitfalls that would befall many other people that care nothing of knowledge or were just outright foods.

The jury is still out as to whether people that perpetually seek wisdom fare better than most because there are so focused on obtaining wisdom that they never have the time or opportunity to focus on the bad things that would have hindered or maybe taking them under.

Either way, history shows that it is a good thing to be a seeker of wisdom, and for the Ophiuchus, it’s crucial to have a deep and abiding hunger and thirst for it. If the Ophiuchus is as brilliant as they are reported to be, then they will indeed seek after and pursue wisdom with all diligence and perseverance. 

Even if nothing special comes from it, they will have at least one and unnecessary trouble keeping their eyes focused on something more virtuous. 


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