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Sagittarius sign
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Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the astrological zodiac and is represented by the symbol of an archer. Those born between November 22nd and December 21st each year are considered Sagittarius. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter and they are considered a fire element. The planet Jupiter is symbolically associated with temperate qualities, which are easily changed and adaptable. Many believe the Sagittarius horoscope trait of being ‘larger than life” comes from Jupiter as well. Because of the time period which contains the Sagittarius is a changing of seasons, it is considered a mutable sign.

While few people strictly follow the branch of astrology called Synastry, which deals with interpersonal relationships, it is said that the qualities of a Sagittarius are most compatible with Aries and Leo and to a lesser extent with GeminiLibra and Aquarius. With work, though, any person of any sign should be able to have a successful relationship with a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius traits

There are many Sagittarius horoscope traits which should be taken into account when entering any type of relationship with them. Most Sagittarius would be described as fun, optimistic and good natured. They enjoy being sociable and enjoy parties and meeting new friends. A Sagittarius trait of being good natured is often appreciated and leads to having quite a few good friends. Sagittarius love having luxury items and the freedom to get them. They will enjoy being on the move and may be prone to gambling, sometimes to excess. At times, a Sagittarius can be said to suffer from “Peter Pan syndrome” and never want to take responsibility for their decisions.

Most Sagittarius individuals do not like confinement or playing it safe. They are free spirits who don’t like to be constrained in any way which causes them to often be claustrophobic. A Sagittarius might get upset with you if they are doubted or refused something and especially if they are shown disapproval in public. For any relationship to last with a Sagittarius, it is important to avoid falling into a rut with them, resulting in monotony or boredom.

If you are considering a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius, get ready to have a lot of fun for a long time. People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are very outgoing and fun loving. They will get bored easily, so keeping things new and exciting is important. Fortunately, they are often happy to take the lead in finding new activities to try. They may be competitive but always in a fun way which is unlikely to result in a poor attitude if they lose. If a Sagittarius makes plans with you, be sure to be ready on time, as they are often impatient and won’t want to miss out on any fun or excitement while they wait for you to get ready.

Serious relationships, including marriage, are often going to be very rewarding if you can get to that point. The strong Sagittarius horoscope traits which also make them claustrophobic will make them tend to shy away from being tied down in a serious relationship. They don’t like to feel confined, so when transitioning into a serious relationship, it’s important to also focus on the new options this transition will open up. When getting ready for marriage or to discuss any long term commitments, many people have found it helpful to do it while on an exciting vacation or something else which they will see as fun and out of the ordinary. This will help them associate the idea of marriage or commitment with the feeling of fun and freedom.

Working with a Sagittarius can be a challenge for many people because of their propensity for having fun and goofing off. Sagittarius characteristics often don’t lead them to be ideally suited for any management positions or jobs which require you to work in a self directed manor regularly. A Sagittarius can be an ideal employee for many jobs though and as long as their position is well suited for them they will undoubtedly high performers. Taking advantage of the Sagittarius horoscope traits of wanting to have fun and liking change can be a great way to get the best work out of them. They will often volunteer for the office fun committee or party committee and that can help quite a bit with employee morale.

Putting a Sagittarius in a position which requires them to think outside the box and come up with imaginative solutions to problems may also work very well. Regularly changing responsibilities is also a good thing for Sagittarius individuals, since they may get bored easily and then become less and less productive. Their ability to be social and make new friends might make them ideally suited for a sales or even customer service job depending on the industry. Helping them avoid public disapproval from either coworkers, management or, especially, customers is important to keep them productive and excited about their jobs. One other problem Sagittarius often have at work is that they don’t like being refused. When they put in a request for something, it is best to either grant it to them or work with them to find great alternatives which will satisfy their needs.

Sagittarius and Relationships

People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign can be extremely fun and exciting in just about any area of life. Establishing a productive relationship may be a challenge at first, but once you’ve gotten used to how they act and their very individual Sagittarius traits, it can be very rewarding. Finding a way to get them to settle down for a long term commitment may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Making sure to work with their characteristics and not try to fight against them is very important for any relationship with them to succeed.


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