Scorpio Compatibility with Other Signs

Find out about Scorpio' compatibility with other signs

Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio Compatibility with Other Signs

Not all zodiac signs are compatible with each other. With that fact, Scorpios are not compatible with all the 12 zodiac signs. Their compatibility rate with some signs may be high while the other compatibility rates on other sigs may be low. Finding out if you are compatible with your soon-to-be partner is very important for the success of your future relationship. You should take these compatibility points as guides on your relationship. If you read that you have a low compatibility rate with your partner, you should try to work harder so that your relationship will become stronger. Here are the compatibility points of Scorpio with the other zodiac signs.

Scorpio Compatibility with Capricorn

The Scorpio and the Capricorn are highly compatible with each other because they have the same goals in life. They have the same views, and also, their approaches in life are the same. They both know that like in any other relationship, they will be facing challenges and difficulties. Even from the very start, they know that they will not be sailing in a smooth relationship. Despite all of this, they both take love and relationship seriously since they can easily be emotionally attached with each other, so their relationship may succeed and may even lead to marriage or lifetime partnership.

The challenges and difficulties on their relationship cannot be solved within a day. It may take a few days or even a few weeks before they will be able to overcome their relationship challenges. They both work hard to solve any conflict that they experience and to avoid misunderstandings in their relationship. They are both faithful with each other. They stick with each other and they do not care about other people who are flirting around them. Even if they have a misunderstanding, they are still loyal with each other because despite their disagreements, they still love each other.

This couple have very strong emotions. Their love is very intense but their hate is very intense as well. If someone has wronged them, they will never forget that person. Their plan of revenge is very cruel and they will not stop until they are not satisfied with the failure of the other person. With their characteristics, it is not easy to have a fight with this couple.

Like other normal couples, the Scorpio and the Capricorn have their own differences. The Scorpio is very dominant in the sense that he or she wants to be always in control of the situation, while the Capricorn is very submissive but is wise in a tricky manner.

Scorpio Compatibility with Pisces

The relationship between the Scorpio and the Pisces is very deep and very emotional. Even if they differ in some aspects, they still stick with each other because there is a magnetic attraction that keeps them together. They are like the south and the north poles of the magnet that are always attracting each other despite their opposite character traits. They are both considerate with each other’s feelings, so in every decision that they do, they make sure that they both agree with it. The Scorpio and the Pisces both belong to the water element, so both of them are very loving, and very devoted to each other.

Pisces has a smooth characteristic that is very calming to the inner desires and pressures of the Scorpio. Problems within their relationship are not easy to solve because they both have an increased sense of pride. It is hard for them to admit their own mistake. Thus, it may take a few days before they will be able to realize and acknowledge their own faults. It may be difficult for them as well to apologize to their partners.

Scorpio Compatibility with Cancer

The Scorpio and the Cancer are both highly emotional individuals. They credit more the emotional aspect of their partners instead of their logical and intellectual aspects. They are both under the water sign, so they share the same vision, goals, and dreams in life. They both understand each other’s desires and aspirations. They can be very emotionally attached with each other, so it would be difficult to separate them. Another good thing about them is that they give everything that they have in their relationship. They give their time, effort and heart to their partners. Moreover, trust is very important in their relationship.

With their complementing characteristics, they can be the best couple because of their dedication to each other. However, they are easily blinded by anger. When they have a misunderstanding with each other, it is easy for them to forget about their relationship, and what they did for each other. They have little control over their emotions and they can hurt each other’s feelings when they are angry.

Scorpio Compatibility with Virgo

The Scorpio and the Virgo are both intellectually and logically intelligent. They enjoy sharing their ideas and insights with each other, and they love to discuss topics such as current affairs, political issues, sports, music and even art. They are both very humble and can easily get along with other people.

They may be similar in some aspects, but in terms of emotion, they are totally the opposite. Scorpio is very emotional and values a relationship deeply, while Virgo is not that intense when it comes to a romantic relationship. The Virgo does not easily show emotion and is very good in hiding his or her feelings. With these characteristics, they may not survive a long term relationship. But when it comes to business partnership, this pairing can work really well. As business partners, they can succeed in whatever endeavour that they will make.

Scorpio Compatibility with Taurus

The Scorpio and the Taurus share the same character traits such as having strong determination, persistence, and enthusiasm. There is a strong magnetic attraction between these two signs that makes them compatible with each other even if they do not have the same level of intelligence. If the Scorpio and the Taurus have the same intelligence and spirituality level, the attraction between them will become stronger and they will never stay away from each other. They do not consider the intellectual capability of a person as an important factor so they can get along well with each other even if they do not have the same intellectual capability. What matters most for them is the emotional affection or connection that they have.

If these two signs have similar traits, they also have opposite traits. Taurus, for instance, is not that complex, and is simpler, and less needy than Scorpio. A Taurus is steadier as well. A Scorpio, on the other hand is, more demanding when it comes to emotional attachment because Scorpios are more emotional than the Taurus. But still, they can easily accept each other’s differences. It may be hard for them to adjust at first, but as time passes by and they realize that they are indeed in love, they will be willing to adapt to each other. Despite these opposite personal traits, Scorpios and Taurus are a very compatible pairing.

Scorpio Compatibility with Aquarius

A romantic relationship between the Scorpio and the Aquarius has a low success rate because of their several differences and opposite personalities. Scorpio takes love seriously and values a romantic relationship, while the Aquarian does not want to get deeply attached. Because of this characteristic of the Aquarius, Scorpio sees him/her as cold, passionless and unemotional. Moreover, the Scorpio is very independent while the Aquarius loves to depend to other people. The Scorpio can tolerate this one if the Aquarian will only depend to him/her once, but will get irritated if he/she feels that the Aquarian is controlling his/her freedom. What makes them completely incompatible with each other is their element sign. Scorpio is a water sign while Aquarius is an air sign. With this, the relationship between the two will not last. It will be a relationship that will be ridden with conflicts.

Scorpio Compatibility with Aries

Fire and Water will never be one, so does the Scorpio and the Aries. Aries belongs to the fire element while the Scorpio belongs to the water element. There will always be conflict between the two because they are totally opposites. The approach of Scorpio towards life is slow, taking one step at a time. The Scorpio studies each step or decision first before implementing action or taking the step. On the other hand, Aries wants to rush things. Without thinking carefully, the Aries can decide do something right away. The Aries does not analyze the situation much and think of the consequences of his or her actions. With their different approaches in life, they will always have the chance to disagree with each other.

However, in case their goals and ideas will match, they will make a good team. In business, they can both succeed as partners if they take their time to sit down with each other and discuss things slowly. In case they will be engaged in a relationship, there will be no love involved. Their relationship will only revolve on sex because they are both sexually passionate. Since the relationship involves no love, it is easy for this couple to separate and move on with their separate paths.

Scorpio Compatibility with Gemini

The Scorpio and the Gemini belongs to the opposite elements. There is a tendency that they will attract each other, but there is a tendency as well that they will push each other away. In case they will have a relationship with each other, it will be a push and pull relationship. The Scorpio wants a loyal partner but the Gemini does not possess that quality. Gemini is looking for an intelligent individual whom he or she can chat and have an argument with, but Scorpio does not have too much intellectual capability. Finally, the Scorpio wants to be in control in a relationship, while the Gemini does not want anyone controlling him or her. The Scorpio does want to influence his or her partner in any way, but the Gemini does not get easily influenced. With this, their compatibility rate is very low.

Scorpio Compatibility with Leo

The Scorpio and the Leo are both dominant, and there is a great tendency that they will try to control and dominate each other. With this alone, they will never have a successful romantic relationship. Leo is very open with his or her feelings, thus, he or she does not completely understand why Scorpio is very secretive. Leo understands that in a relationship, both parties should be open with each other and should know how to express their feelings freely. However, Scorpio cannot completely express what his or her mind and heart wants. Another thing that makes them incompatible with each other is their representation. Leo is the symbol for love, while Scorpio is the symbol for sex.

Once they are in a project together, they can put their mind into it. And once their concepts and ideas agree with each other, success is definitely at hand. A romantic relationship between them is possible if they both stop dominating each other or if one will lower his or her pride. If they both acknowledge each other as equal, they can be great partners. But basing on their personality, it is impossible for them to have a romantic relationship with each other.

Scorpio Compatibility with Libra

It is possible for a Scorpio and a Libra to have a romantic relationship but it may not last that long. They can be attracted with each other sexually, physically, and emotionally, but as soon as they become too familiar with each other’s personality, the magic between them will fade away. For one, their representations are different. Libra represents relationship; while again, Scorpio represents sex. Scorpio wants an emotionally-attached relationship, but Libra does not want it, because he or she enjoys a free life without too much attachment. While they are getting to know each other, they may still be able to appreciate each other, but as soon as they show their true personalities, they will start to get irritated with each other.

Scorpio Compatibility with Sagittarius

A romantic relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius can succeed if only Scorpio will lower his or her pride and will be willing to compromise. They are indeed very hard-working but their approaches in life are opposite. Although the Scorpio values his independence as well, he/she is very possessive and jealous in a relationship. Scorpio wants to know what his or her partner is doing, who they are with, and other details that only irritates the Sagittarius. Sagittarius wants an independent life and does not want someone to control his or her own life. Thus, if the Sagittarius feels pressure from the Scorpio, the Sagittarius may just run away to protect his or her freedom.

Also, Sagittarius is very fierce when it comes to a verbal argument, while the Scorpio cannot even open his or her mouth when he or she is bombarded by verbal attacks. Aside from answering back, the Scorpio may take it personally and may just leave quietly.

Scorpio Compatibility with another Scorpio

Scorpios can be attracted with other Scorpios as well. Since they belong to the same sign, their relationship will be very intense. They have the tendency to be obsessed and be strongly attached to each other. Their relationship can even lead to marriage since both of them value a relationship very much. They do not feel comfortable with light relationship or with just a dating status. They want to be in a deep and steady relationship that is why the possibility of getting married is very high. Both of them can deeply love each other but just like in any other relationship, they will face some difficulties too. There will be intense fights between the two, but their love towards each other will always win. Their love for each other is equal and they hate with the same intensity thus, one must always give way, no matter how difficult it is so that the relationship will not be ruined. If no one will admit his or her mistake willingly for the sake of love, the relationship can easily go down the drain. Above all, they are both compatible with each other.

Best Compatibility for Scorpio

Taurus is the best match for a Scorpio. On the astrological wheel, the Scorpio and the Taurus are both opposites from each other. And, according to the law of science, opposite poles attract. The same case applies with Scorpio and Taurus, they belong to the opposite poles but there is a strong magnetic attraction between them that pulls them towards each other no matter what. A perfect match does not necessarily mean that they are compatible with each other in all aspects. It is their ability to stay together and overcome any problem within their relationship that makes them compatible with each other. There may be misunderstandings in this relationship that will be caused by jealousy and suspicion, however, everything will be in place before the day ends. They communicate well with each other, so they can peacefully resolve all problems that they will face.

Other Signs that are Compatible with Scorpio

Aside from Taurus, there are other signs that are compatible with Scorpio as well. They are Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. A Scorpio’s relationship with any of these astrological signs may not be as best as the Taurus but it will still succeed if both parties will put effort to work together and establish a good romantic relationship. The compatibility rate of the Scorpio between these zodiac signs is 50 percent and above, so they can form a great relationship. Each one of them have their own differences and opposite personal character traits, but because of their connection with each other, they can totally overcome those differences, thus leading them to a fruitful romantic relationship that may even lead to marriage or lifetime partnership.

Worst Compatibility for Scorpio

The worst compatible zodiac sign with Scorpio is Aries. They will always clash with each other because of their different personalities and approaches in life. They are both dominant, and in a relationship, one of them wants to be always in control. Aries for example, loves to give commands to Scorpio, while Scorpio does not want to be commanded and controlled. The restless Aries may find it difficult to keep up with the secretive Scorpio and vice versa. They are both passionate when it comes to love, but when the situation is out of control, they can be the best of enemies. Moreover, Aries cannot give the emotional rapport that Scorpio is looking for.

Other Incompatible Signs for Scorpio

The relationship of Scorpio with other signs like Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius may not work too. The compatibility rate with these astrological signs is below 50 percent, so any relationship with them may not work out. They may be able to have relationship, but it will not be a smooth one. It will be full of conflicts, difficulties, adjustments, and serious fights. The relationship may last for just several months and the probability of keeping the relationship alive for a year is very low. If one party from each relationship will lie low and is willing to change, there is a possibility that they will be in a long and flourishing relationship. But, basing on their astrological character traits, they are not willing to compromise.

These compatibility matches is a guide to all Scorpios who are looking for a romantic partner. If you do not want to get hurt, look for a partner that belongs to the astrological sign that is compatible with your sign. That way, your relationship will not just focus on sex, but will involve love and other factors as well. If your relationship involves love, there is a tendency that you will keep it up for a long time, and if the right time comes, you may even marry each other.


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