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The Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac and it is represented by the symbol of a scorpion. The Scorpio is a water sign and one of the four fixed signs. Scorpios are ruled by Mars and in modern times are seen to be co-ruled by Pluto. People born between about October 23rd to November 21st are called Scorpios. Scorpios are typically very interesting people with many unique Scorpio horoscope traits which can lead them to great success or get into lots of trouble. They can make excellent friends, spouses or professional associates if you take the time to understand them.

Scorpios are normally considered to be most compatible with people born under the other water signs, which are Cancer and Pisces. They are slightly less compatible with CapricornVirgoTaurusLeo and Aquarius due to either having the same fixed quality or because they are Earth signs. While it is of vital importance to know and understand the Scorpio horoscope traits, it should not be a final deciding factor when deciding to enter a relationship with them. With the proper attention to helping each other through any shortcomings and build on each other’s strong suits it’s very possible for anyone to have an extremely rewarding relationship with a Scorpio.

Scorpio and Relationships

When starting a romantic relationship with someone born under the Scorpio zodiac sign it is important to first learn and understand the Scorpio characteristics that will be prominent in their lives. Scorpios are often passionate people and love discovering new things about others and also about life in general. Scorpios are often considered to be very determined and forceful which can be great if channeled in positive directions. People trying to get past the initial phases of any romantic relationship with a Scorpio should watch out for minor issues similar to being compulsive or obsessive or even Jealous or resentful. Scorpios can be secretive, especially during the initial phases of a relationship. It is better to gently guide them into letting their guard down with you than constantly pester them to open up.

Another Scorpio characteristic is that they are often passionate and exciting, which can be a great combination for many relationships. They are not likely to get caught in a relationship rut because they will always be pushing forward. Fun and exciting vacations with a busy and interesting home life will be the norm in anyone in a relationship with a Scorpio. Once you get them to open up to you a little bit, it is clear that Scorpios can often be quite emotional. They feel things strongly, so be careful not to say the wrong thing to them or say something which can be taken the wrong way. Open and clear communication is important with any Scorpio.

Scorpio traits

When considering a professional relationship with a Scorpio, know that you likely have a great business partner. Scorpios are very interested in money, finance, investments and all these sorts of things. They will be happy to work out a budget for a department or entire business. People born under the Scorpio horoscope sign may tend to be frugal, since they want to manage the money well and while that can be a great trait, it is also important to encourage them to spend money when it’s needed. Scorpios are open to change in any area of their life, but in business this can be an especially good characteristic as it is so common.

Scorpios can be trusted with hidden matters or secrets in both business and personal relationships. They will have no trouble keeping confidences, which is often seen as a very positive Scorpio horoscope trait. Their ability to see situations, themselves or others from new viewpoints allows them to come up with some great new ideas for any business, which can really help push the success forward. Their desire to trust others and look for the best in people can be both a positive and a negative thing for a Scorpio. In business, it is often required to question the intentions of others and Scorpios may have trouble with this.

When in any sort of relationship with a Scorpio, it is important to understand that they often believe they are right in any situation. They can be quite stubborn when someone else is trying to tell them a better way of doing something or that something they believe to be true is inaccurate. Many people have found that it is better to provide the information needed and then let the Scorpio come to the conclusion on their own. The Scorpio horoscope traits can be great in many situations, but they can be difficult to be with during a disagreement. They are unlikely to just let a problem drop since they have a strong desire to show how and why they are correct. If and when they are unable to persuade you that they are correct in a situation, they may get angry or frustrated at your inability to see it their way. Some people have found that it is just easier to agree with them when the matter is not important to avoid the conflict all together.

Most Scorpio horoscope traits can be extremely positive things if they are properly focused. Every Scorpio should take the time to learn about these Scorpio characteristics and learn how they can most effectively use them to the advantage of themselves, their loved ones and business partners. Scorpios can be an invaluable part of any personal or professional team and their high energy and dedication will surely be an asset to everyone. No matter what type of relationship you are entering, or if you are yourself a Scorpio it is very important to first take the time to learn about the common Scorpio horoscope traits so you can avoid any potential conflicts.


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